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Canaima カナイマ

Jungle. lagoon, waterfalls. One of the most beautiful places in Venezuela is Canaima lagoon and its surroundings. The lagoon is fed by several small waterfalls: Hacha, Wadaima, Golondrina, and Ucaima. On the back you can see 3 "tepee", those flat-top mountains, that distinguish this region, they are called Nonoy-Tepuy ("Zamuro" or Vulture), Kuravaina-Tepuy ("Venado" or Deer) and Topochi-Tepuy  (Blowpipe).

Very near to the Canaima lake, from a branch of the Carrao river, you will find one of the most beautiful waterfalls in all the region: The Sapo (Frog) Fall. The amount of water is really impressive, especially in the rainy season (May to November). 

From here there is a beautiful view across the river where you can see the 3 tepees of Canaima: Zamuro (Vulture), Venado (Deer) and Cerbatana (Blowpipe). During the dry season, you can cross to the other side by walking over some stones, during the rainy season you can go below the falls and behind the curtain of water.  Once you cross the Sapo, you can walk to a second waterfall, called Sapito (Little frog). It is also a beautiful waterfall with different colors of water due to the minerals on the rock bed.

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