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Delta Orinocoデルタ

Amazon river and jungle, wildlife, native Indians. The Eastern end of Venezuela comprises the largely uninhabited Orinoco Delta. Second, in size and importance to the Amazon (both as a river and river basin), the Orinoco Delta is a vast area of rivers, tributaries, mangroves, rainforests, and natural canals. The area is also known as the Delta Amacuro, after a smaller river that empties into the basin and forms part of the border with Guyana. This area is just starting to develop as a destination for naturalists and ecotourists.


The Orinoco is the eighth longest river in the world, the second-longest in the continent, after the Amazons and the widest of the world. With a length of 2.140 km. and with outlets toward the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The main tourist attraction of this region is represented by its ecosystem, the Waraos Indian population, and the humid tropical forest.

 The journey, either through the main river (Mánamo) or through its tributaries, is a wonderful experience. This tropical humid forest shelters in its marshes the "mother palm", as the natives denominate the Moriche Palm from which they obtain the raw material to make handcrafts, baskets, handbags, hammocks, and balsa wood figures among others. It is a unique and worthy to visit destination. There are people that denominate this captivating landscape as an exotic and sensual place.

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